Silicone Honeycomb Foot Pads Forefoot Toe Separation Pads – 1Pair


  • FOREFOOT GELS – You’ve got two feet so we give you two pairs of pads to cover them both. Made of super stretchy gel material for superior cushioning.
  • ELIMINATE PRESSURE POINTS – Each step you take concentrates your entire weight on a few pressure points on the bottom of your foot.
  • INSTANT SOOTHING – As if by magic, each step you take will make you wonder why you suffered with painful feet for so long. Stop suffering in silence!
  • INSTANT FOOT PAIN RELIEF: Relieves pressure and provides immediate pain relief to front ball of foot while walking on high Heels, running, standing for a long period of time, or dancing
  • BREATHABLE & EASILY WASHABLE CUSHION: Made of Eco-Friendly, Medical-Grade Gel Silicone