Scoop Colander Nylon Spoon Strainers Non-toxic Durable Nylon


  • The scoop colanders are fit for both cold and hot food, you can use it instead of your kitchen colander to strain pasta, vegetables, roasted or boiled potatoes and so on.
  • It can also save your cooking time.
  • Which can help you to prevent splashes and spills when you are cooking food, which will be a practical tool in your daily life.
  • This kitchen strainer scoop is made of high temperature nylon material.
  • Can be applied as a high temperature of 80 centigrade, high strength and compression resistance, it’s not easy to deform and you can use for a long time.
  • Our nylon slotted is designed with non-slip handle, it can protect your hands from splashes, won’t transfer heat like metal scoops.
  • The mesh holes are the nice size to enable quick draining and hold on to the food, there are hanging holes at the end for easy storage.