POP Bubble Squeeze Sensory Fidget Toy Pop It Silicone Toy


  • SENSORY FUN – If you, or your children have ever enjoyed the sensation of popping a fresh sheet of bubble wrap, then you’ll love our push bubble fidget sensory toy.
  • Perfect for relieving stress and anxiety, restoring a calm mood and simply for having fun.
  • EASY TO PLAY – Players take turns to press as many bubbles as they wish.
  • The player who presses the last bubble is the loser. Simply flip the toy over to start the next game.
  • This puzzle game is perfect for stimulating children’s brains. It is both tense and challenging, so is helpful for intellectual development and cultivating children’s calculation and planning skills.
  • A fun game for all the family to enjoy.
  • STRESS RELIEVER – Ideal for stress and anxiety relief, special needs, autism, disorders and more.
  • A great sensory tool you’ll fidget with again and again!
  • Makes a perfect parent-child game, also suitable for adults and the elderly too.
  • An ideal choice for relieving boredom, anxiety, fatigue and for restoring ones mood.
  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS – A great fidget tool for hair pullers, skin pickers and other sensory seekers.
  • Our push-pop sensory fidget toy is made of pure, non-toxic silicone, so it’s safe, durable and comfortable to use.
  • Bright colours and pleasant sounds provide visual, tactile and auditory stimulation.
  • PLAY IT ANYWHERE – Compact size, light and portable, you can take it anywhere and play anytime. With no loose or noise-making pieces, our push pop fidget toy is great for keeping your kids occupied on car, bus or plane journeys, in restaurants or at school.