Baby Fruits Pacifier Food Feeder Silicone Chewable Soother/ Fruit Pacifier


  • Fruit Pacifier : This fruit pacifier is designed specially for fruit feeding. The upper part opens up to fill in the fruit for baby. Whereas, the nipple has small holes from which baby enjoys the food particles. Your child can safely enjoy fruit and other kinds of whole foods
  • Teeth Soother: Besides fruit feeding, it gives a gentle to baby’s gum. Therefore, it is quite helpful to relieve the pain while teething age.
  • Protective Cover: Pacifier comes with a protective transparent cover which keeps it safe and clean when not in use.
  • How to Use: Cut fruits and vegetables and meat into strips or sheets. Open the silica gel filter mesh. Put the cut food into the filter mesh. The fastening handle allows the baby to enjoy the delicious food. Pour the food slag out after use.
  • Material: Food grade silicone. The Silicone makes for easy cleaning, does not retain odors, encourages chewing, and feels more natural and comfortable to the baby.
  • Easy to Clean: The food feeding pacifier gets clean by washing it with warm soapy water. Otherwise, boil it to sterilize properly