4 in 1 Foot Care Callus Brush Dust Dead Skin Pumice Grinding Feet Stone


  • This four in one foot pedicure kit has multi purpose.
  • The soft bristle brush is for cleaning dead skin and debris, stainless steel feet file is for grinding off thick and hard calluses.
  • Pumice stone is for exfoliating hard skin.
  • Silica Sand paper is for grinding thin horny crust and smoothing feet.
  • Besides the feet scrubber handle is made of natural bamboo which is not easy to mold.
  • This foot scrubber callus remover can perfectly remove dry skin, calluses and warts; restore skin smoothness; provide foot massage to promote blood circulation and keep feet healthy.
  • You can prepare a feet scrubber at home.
  • Therefore, it’s an ideal feet pedicure tool for you to enjoy the healthy and comfortable foot care.
  • Portable and lightweight design makes this pedicure set Ideal for travel.
  • After using this foot file, you only need to rinse it with clean water.
  • This foot scrubber kit is made of durable materials, washable and therefore reusable.