11pcs/set Latex Elastic Band For Exercise Gym Home Workout Yoga


Resistance bands are an effective tool for your strength training. They’re a great alternative to weight lifting and traditional fitness equipment, and a great option for your home gym and travel needs. Resistance bands can help you complete many training exercises simply by changing your body posture to change muscle tension. This makes them ideal for any type of strength training program. The bracelet takes up little space, is easy to carry and can be used by beginners to fitness professionals.

[Comfortable and Durable] Our resistance band set uses high-quality natural latex, which is environmentally friendly, durable and highly elastic

[Various Resistance Options] Using the simple system of these 5 clip-on resistance bands, you can easily create a resistance selection that suits you

[Safe Soft Foam Handle] This sports belt kit comes soft and smooth with two foam handles for comfort, protecting your hands from injury and absorbing sweat to prevent slipping during exercise.

[Door Fixation & Ankle Strap] It is very useful for exercising at home, hotel room or other places with doors. Simply slip the slit in and it’s held in place with beads sewn onto a nylon belt.

[Meet Your Personal Training Needs] The resistance band set includes 5 resistance bands

[Suitable for everyone] Whether you are a professional athlete, beginner, man or woman, the Resistance Bands Group is not only useful, but also useful in yoga, warm-up before exercise, strength training and physical rehabilitation.